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There are many reasons you may need assistance with your 2019 original Medicare insurance. 

Whether you are a senior or a person who receives Medicare for other reasons, we can help. 

O’Neal Insurance Group is your Chicago, Illinois broker advocate for a wide range of carrier plans including Aetna, Anthem, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Clear Spring Health, Humana and Mutual of Omaha.

We can help you identify 2019 Medicare advantage plans that best meet your needs for primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and prescription drug coverage. Count on us to help you understand options related to group pension retirement plans, Supplemental Medical Advantage HMO, PPO or Part-D prescription drug coverage.

 Beyond Medicare, we can also help you with life, dental, burial and senior supplemental insurance.

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What can you expect in 2019 from O’Neal Insurance Group – The Illinois Medicare and Health Insurance Plan Specialist?

Count on O’Neal Insurance Group for an unbiased approach broker assisted Medicare enrollment in answering your important and relevant questions and addressing your individual concerns. We can help you:

  • Determine if your primary care and specialist providers are in or out-of-network.
  • Compare the various carriers and plans.
  • Choose the plan that best addresses your unique treatment needs and health concerns.
  • Understand how your benefits work with Group Pension Retirement plans like city of Chicago or Will, Kankakee and Cook County.
  • Know the difference between original Medicare and under-65 Health Insurance HMOs, PPOs, Medsupp, Medigap and Supplemental Plans C, F, G, M or N.
  • Determine if you should have a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.
  • Know which senior health plan carrier offers the best, no cost, zero premium coverage for your situation.
  • Decide whether you should join and pay for Medicare Part B. 1111;
  • Access Medicare Special Needs and Chronic Condition plans for people who need health care for Diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

Are you turning 65 in 2019 or within the next 18 months?

Are you wondering about your Medicare insurance choices? Now is the time to start exploring your options for Kankakee county IL. Our team of agents and brokers are available to assist you online, over the phone, in-person to answer your questions – whether you need an under-65 health plan or you are aging into Medicare.

Here is a sampling of questions we receive from our medicare turning 65 clients every week:

  • Should I join a Medicare Supplemental or a Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO if I have Original Medicare or Group Coverage?
  • Is it free to fill a prescription under a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (also known as Part D Coverage)?
  • How do I expand my original insurance coverage from part A to B, C, and D after I turned 65?
  • I have Social Security Disability and I was told I need to join Medicare to get health insurance. Can I keep my regular group insurance?

If these are the types of questions on your mind, contact us for a free never charged broker assisted in person over the phone on in-home appointment help with Medicare enrollment just easy answers!

Medicare is the most popular federal health program available to people aged 65 years and older in America. However, there are a number of costs that are not covered by basic original Medicare coverage.

These include the medical and hospital costs incurred overseas, costs of hearing aids and other equipment, home nursing costs, cost of dental examination and treatment, and more.

As a result, even those who are eligible for basic 1111 Medicare health insurance may require Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage Plans HMO or PPO to get comprehensive coverage.

Shop and compare your health insurance choices!

At O’Neal Insurance Group, our objective is to help you compare relevant plans and select the one that’s best suited for your healthcare and financial needs.

As a reputable Medicare insurance broker in Illinois, Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Montana, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi for over 30 years, we have in-depth knowledge of the various plans available, as well as different factors that may influence the total cost of a policy.

Our experts take their time to understand your needs, expectations, and preferences and recommend you a solution that’s best suited for you. We help you understand and compare the following health insurance plans:

Original Medicare Part A and Part B Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C, including HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP, HMP-POS, and MSA Medicare Supplement Plans. Did you know? There are 10 different Medigap coverage plans labeled as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, L, M, and N. We can also assist with your Medicare Part D or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Using this knowledge and experience, we help you select a plan that provides you comprehensive coverage, as well as peace of mind that your needs will be taken care of in case of an emergency health condition.

Let us help you get a personalized quote that best matches your specific financial needs.

Enjoy convenient one-stop shopping with many insurance options.

We can provide you access to plans from UHC, Aetna, Assurity Life Insurance Company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Clear Spring Health, Cigna Healthspring, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, Humana, Legacy Safeguard, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide Insurance, United Health One, United Healthcare and Wellcare.

We can also provide solutions to address your Senior Annuity, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Medicare, Burial, Final Expense Funeral, Whole Life, Dental and Vision insurance needs.

We offer insurance solutions for individuals, families and seniors in many states.

We help individuals, families, and those who are eligible for Medicare. Let us guide you in researching and

comparing the different types of life, dental & health insurance plans available.

Our Health Insurance licensed agents and brokers offer free advice in the following states.

Ask us about the many advantages of permanent life insurance.

Permanent life insurance provides insurance protection throughout your lifetime. As a policyholder, permanent life insurance allows you quick access to funds – whether in an emergency or when an opportunity arises. It also provides for your beneficiaries with a death benefit when you are gone, funding funeral expenses, paying off bills and allowing your loved ones to sustain the life you’ve helped them to build. Whole life insurance is often an important component of retirement planning.

Want to Know More?

To help you make a well-informed choice, we provide you a single platform for you to compare policies and rates from different insurance providers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

The O’Neal Insurance Group Offers our English, Spanish, Russian, Croatian and Polish client/members the ability to shop for their Personal Medicare, Life, Health and Dental Insurance plans online, in person or by phone, providing comparisons of some of the country’s top carriers from the comforts and privacy of your home online or over the phone.

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Insurance Carriers OIG Authorized to offer. We represent the following: Assurity Life Insurance Company Aetna, UHC Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois Texas Clear Spring Health, Cigna Healthspring Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company Humana UnitedHealthOne Wellcare Mutual of Omaha Nationwide Insurance Legacy safeguard whole life Burial Final expense.