What to know about Medicare eligibility, Chicago!

Medicare eligibility Chicago
By James O'Neal

The fact is, everyone can qualify for Medicare if they are 65 or older, U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have worked in the country for at least five years and contributed to Medicare taxes.


A person under 65 years of age may also be allowed if they are disabled or meet any Medicare eligibility Chicago. Medicare is the most well-known federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older.


However, you do not necessarily have to be 65 to qualify. There are specific requirements, and one of those is the years for which you have paid your medical insurance.


Medicare eligibility at 65 and older

When one turns 65, Medicare benefits can be applied for up to one year before the birthday month. To qualify for Medicare eligibility Chicago, you must meet three criteria:

  • The principal requirement is that you should be a US citizen who has lived for a minimum of five years.


  • You or your spouse must have worked enough for social security or railroad retirement benefits, which means working for a minimum of 10 years. You should be eligible for benefits, too, even if you are not getting them.
  • Additionally, you are a government employee or are retired from the government and have paid taxes on Medicare.


Offerings under Medicare

  1. Medicare Part A – It only covers inpatient hospitalizations.
  2. Medicare Part B – It acts as medical insurance, including visiting a doctor or lab work or any other outpatient care. It also covers a regular monthly check-up.
  3. Medicare Part C – In this plan, Part A, Part B, and other coverage are bundled into one plan only offered by private enterprises.
  4. Medicare Part D is not required for plan participants enrolled in-state programs. Medicines required are not included in this, as they need to be purchased separately. But in some cases, the total amount is reduced.


Wrapping up!


Medicare eligibility does not depend on income, but it influences the amount of premium you pay and your benefits. When you buy a Plan D plan, you can become original Medicare.

Those who do not work or are not employed can also qualify for Medicare eligibility Chicago  based on their spouse’s work history. If they pay their monthly premiums in full, they will be automatically enrolled regardless of whether they are healthy.


In conclusion, we are pleased to provide you with information regarding Medicare. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact O’Neal Insurance Group. We’ll be glad to help!