Dental Insurance Broker in Illinois

Research confirms that your dental health has a dramatic impact on your overall health. A healthy mouth can actually reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. Good oral hygiene goes far beyond seeing the dentist twice a year for your cleaning. It may involve fillings or more extensive dental work.

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, you’re not immune to dental problems.

Dental emergencies can cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, and most health insurance plans do not include dental coverage.


  • A root canal can cost between $900 to $1,500
  • A crown can cost $400 to $1,000, depending upon the material used
  • Routine fillings cost between $150 to $300
  • Surgical tooth removal can cost $350 to $900, depending upon the tooth and the extent of damage

Do you still want to take a chance?

We use a single platform for you to compare polices and rates from several of the nation’s top dental insurance providers. O’Neal Insurance Group makes it as easy as possible for you to select the plan that will make you smile.

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