City of Chicago Retiree Medicare Insurance Plans Options

We help City of Chicago Employee and their Medicare-eligible retirees spouses find the right coverage for both parties.

Reduce premiums while giving Medicare-eligible retirees even more coverage options with individual insurance providers.

Business owners know that managing expenses is the key to profitability. Employee benefits must walk the line between meeting your employees’ needs while remaining cost-effective for the employer. With health care reforms currently underway, small businesses need professional guidance through the employee benefit management process, especially when it comes to selecting the right health insurance plan.

Your business has many options for someone to sell insurance to your company. Most focus only on helping you during times of open enrollment and plan renewal. But at O’Neal Insurance Group, we seek to provide a partnership with you to help your business find affordable, effective employee benefits that match your company’s growth.

How we can help your business with employee benefit management

O’Neal Insurance Group takes a consultative approach to employee benefit selection that meets your company’s and employees’ needs. We specialize in helping businesses move Medicare-eligible employees and retirees to more cost-effective and individualized health insurance plans.

How we help your business and employees

  • Provide creative thinking to select benefit plans that meet Medicare- eligible employee / retiree needs and enable the company to grow
  • Education of leadership, HR and employees on employee benefit value and changes
  • Ongoing consultation related to changing health care laws to keep your business compliant

Employee benefit questions we can help you answer

  • Are we compliant with current health care laws?
  • Is self-funded health care coverage an option for us?
  • Should our organization implement high-deductible health plans for our employees?
  • How will our employee health benefits change under health care reform?
  • Our health care costs are increasing as our workforce ages – what solutions work for everyone?

A case study on working with a small business insurance broker

A recent article from the Society for Human Resource Management describes a situation where a business significantly reduced their expenses by working with a small business employee benefits broker. The company had been experiencing increasing insurance premiums but had a workforce of mostly young, healthy employees. A single 68 year old employee was the main factor in the additional expenses. As the company continued to grow, they realized their existing health insurance coverage was not able to scale with them.

The company worked with a business insurance broker to place the 68 year old in a separate health insurance plan that met his needs. The other employees were migrated to a more cost-effective benefits plan. These changes allowed the business to reduce insurance premiums by 50%.

For small businesses, bigger brokers are not always better

It may be tempting to seek out a larger insurance broker to assist with your small business’s employee benefits package. But more often than not, this will only end in frustration. Where larger insurance brokers often overlook small businesses, a smaller broker like O’Neal Insurance Group can provide personalized service for your company.

We will meet you at your place of business within 50 miles of Chicago

We take our relationships seriously. We’ll meet you at your office within 50 miles of Chicago at no cost to you. This is a complementary consultation to understand your employee benefit options. We are also available by phone to consult at (773) 358-7168.

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  • Cigna Medicare-Healthspring
  • Clearspring Health
  • Devoted Health
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  • Health Alliance
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